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Why your sales team need routine

Your sales team need routines especially in volatile, unpredictable times like these.

Just like anything which needs to be done on a consistent basis, productivity requires routine in order to generate routine results. The same goes for remote sales teams.

With that in mind, here are five benefits to creating routine in your sales team when things are ‘up-in-the-air’

1 Routine shines the light on leadership

You have perhaps heard the expression: ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed”. When times are tough and conditions are difficult, your team looks instinctively to you as leader. This is when your leadership really comes to the fore.

The leader’s steady hand steadies the ship when all around it is in flux. So your team are in need of calm, focused and levelheaded direction in times of crisis. They crave it more than ever before.

The routine which you design and direct, leads your ship out of troubled waters. Sales leadership is true leadership when sales people are truly in need of that leadership. 

2 Routine creates calm predictability

If you think of a situation you have been in, where people have lost their heads, you know what panic looks like. Some people are frozen and can’t seem to get themselves focused on what they need to do.

Everything is blown out of proportion. Small things become big problems very quickly. It is so easy to be paralysed by overanalysis of the problem and obsession with ‘uncontrollables’.

You need your sales teams to carry on and entrust you with finding the fix. You need your sales people to keep doing what they do best and leave the rest to your leadership.

The routine which you ‘shape’ is comforting to your team because it distracts the mind from the unfamiliar and focuses them on what can be controlled: their sales activity. 

3 Routine underpins sales culture

Doing things in a particular way year after year is how great companies stay at the front of their markets. They have developed a formula for collective-cohesion which produces results.

The most successful clients I have worked with have all developed their success formulas which their people adhere to. It unites people in that organisation around their cause.

Their routines are the the hallmark of ‘how we do things around here’. In other words routine makes a successful sales culture possible.

All success stories in almost any field have been enabled by such a recipe for success. When strategy goes out the window, it is culture that holds things together. 

4 Routine clarifies what really works

A consistent problem among sales underperformers is the tendency to make things up as they go along. They kind of make up the working week ad-hoc. They resist any attempt to be constrained by routine.

If that is the case, how can they possibly know if things are working? When people follow a routine for a while, at the very least they are going to have something which they can measure.

It’s always easier to correct and tweak things when you have some feedback. Routines enable people to measure what has been done and to bring them closer to what actually works.

As a sales coach, it rings alarm bells for me when I see people resisting carefully-orchestrated routine.

5 Routine creates sales-team cohesion

I am part of a networking group and in our group, there are written and unwritten rules. The aspect of the group that works for me is that we meet at regular times and are committed to producing results for each other.

My results are invariably different from those of other members, but what helps the group to work is that we rely upon each other in a predictable manner to create predictable results.

In short, our routines (meeting, mastermind ‘hot-seats’, monthly coaching calls etc.) all help to create ‘interdependency’.

Your routines need not be so tight that your sales people cannot create their own approach to specific tasks. But having a routine which everyone follows to the greatest extent possible helps to create cohesion and success. 

What does this all mean right now?

In light of the current situation, many sales people are understandably confused and directionless. They worry about the future of their careers and their abiliity to hit sales targets in a turbulent market. 

Many are obliged to work from home and are interrrupted by domestic arrangements and concerned with health worries. It is in this environment that comforting routines become more important than ever before.


Your sales team need sales routine so that they can routinely close sales. Routine binds sales productivity with sales success. As a sales leader you can’t leave these results to chance. 

Remember, routine is the leadership ‘glue’ that comes from leaders like you.