inside sales coaching why don't people listen to sales calls

No one listening to sales calls?

There is so much to be learned from hearing your own sales calls. As a busy sales rep, it’s easy to tell yourself that you haven’t got the time or that listening back is a waste of time.

As an inside sales trainer and coach, I can tell you that your sales people will learn more from their own sales calls than they may learn from any number of sales training courses they take.

It’s free ‘learning’ and it’s absolutely the first place to start enabling your telephone sales team.

Here are three reasons why sales people don’t listen to their sales calls.

1. They chose not to 

Salespeople don’t like sound of their own voices. It’s a popular misconception that sales people like the sound of their own voices (no seriously). You might know some who sound like they do, but they don’t actually listen to their own voices where it really matter: self-coaching.

When I or one my colleages are coaching inside sales teams, we always ask sales reps if they set aside time to learn from their telesales calls each week without fail. Most do not and their reasons are varied. 

Some telesales reps tell me that the ‘technology doesn’t allow it’. The more direct sales people reveal that hearing their own voice makes them uncomfortable. That’s honest. But the way to grow is to make yourself do the things that make yourself grow – not to let yourself off the hook.

2. They don’t have to 

Another more straightforward reason is that the sales manager has not yet made it a requirement that the sales team dig out sales calls and review them each week without fail. 

As a manager, you can point things out 10, 15, 20 times, but until someone actually hears them selves saying something (or forgetting to say something, they may not actually believe you and change their behaviour because they are unaware that something needs to change.

Self-discovery is the most profound discovery. Sometimes we have to make it mandatory to challenge our SDRs to do the hard things even if they feel that they have nothing new to learn. It’s when we hear sales people say that there is nothing to learn, that we confirm there actually is.

3. They don’t know how to 

This one is easily fixed.Take out your android or iPhone and you will find that there is a native app already installed which captures sound at the click of a button.

Simply get your inside sales team to record their side of a sales conversation because that’s the part we want them to focus on.  We are looking to get the salesperson to listen to their voice. It usually surprises them 

I ran a 1-day telephone sales workshop for a team in the south of England a couple of weeks ago and there were groans when I recommended playing back some of the sales calls.

Of course, I asked for permission before doing so but the results were startling. When you know what to change and realise that your sales approach must change, the ‘how to change’ is easy.


There is more learning to be had in listening to your own sales calls than any number of courses you take. People get sales training all the time. That’s ‘sales input’.

As a sales coach, I’m more concerned with ‘sales output’ because that’s what the prospect actually hears. It’s a great first-base to get your sales team to be self-aware and to self-coach.

If your sales team are not yet listening to their calls, you now know why it’s not an option.

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